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Since we’ll be using fetch on both the client and the server, let’s add isomorphic-fetch to the project. We’ll also add the serialize-javascript package, which will be handy to serialize our fetched data on the server:

Let’s define our routes as a static array in a routes.js file:


Some of our routes now have a loadData key that points to a function that calls a loadData function. Here’s our implementation for loadData :



We’re simply using the Authentic Marc by Marc Jacobs Twill Mini Dress Purchase QzIWL7
to get some data from a REST API.

On the server, we’ll make use of React Router’s matchPath to find the current route and see if it has a loadData property. If that’s the case, we call loadData to get the data and add it to the server’s response using a variable attached to the global window object:

Notice how we now also add the component’s loaded data to the context object. We’ll access this from staticContext when rendering on the server.

Now, in our components that need to fetch data on load, we can add some simple logic their constructor and their componentDidMount lifecycle method:

Here’s an example with our Todos component:


When rendering on the server, we can access the data from because we’ve put in into StaticBrowser’s context object.

There’s a little bit more logic going on with the componentDidMount method. Remember that this method is only called on the client. If __ROUTE_DATA__ is set on the global window object it means that we’re rehydrating after a server render and we can get the data directly from __ROUTE_DATA__ and then delete it. If __ROUTE_DATA__ is not set, then we arrived on that route using client-side routing, the server is not involved at all and we need to go ahead and fetch the data.

Another interesting thing here is the use of a setTimeout with a delay value of 0ms. This is just so that we can for the next JavaScript tick to ensure that __ROUTE_DATA__ is available.

There’s a package available and maintained by the React Router team, Liva jumper Black Antonia Zander Outlet Visit New Get Authentic Cheap Online Outlet In China 2LAYKNHSjR
, that provides two utilities to make dealing with React Router and SSR much easier: matchRoutes and renderRoutes .

The routes in our previous example are quite simplistic and there’s no nested routes. In cases where multiple routes may be rendered at the same time, using matchPath won’t work because it’ll only match one route. matchRoutes is an utility that helps match multiple possible routes.

Like Iconosquare, Union Metrics offers a free Instagram audit when you sign up.

One strategy to your boost your Instagram audience is to follow as many people as you can. About 30% of accounts will follow you back. Eventually, though, you’ll reach the 7,500 follower cap and this strategy stops working.

Crowdfire helps solve this problem with a unique feature: follower analytics that expose sneaky unfollowers, so you can unfollow them right back! By freeing up space in your Following list, you can continue to grow your audience with mutual relationships.

Image via Crowdfire.

Crowdfire also makes it easier to follow your competitors’ audiences, priming you to engage with people who are already interested in similar content.

If you want to leverage user-generated content on your Instagram, check out Squarelovin. Their Insights tool focuses on helping you get the most out of the videos and images your followers tag you in on the platform—while also making sure you’re not running into any copyright issues.

Another feature I love on Squarelovin: tracking the impact of specific Instagram filters. Yes, even something as small as this can impact engagement!

Image via Squarelovin.

This Instagram-focused scheduling and analytics tool will help you focus on curating the most beautiful feed possible. Similar to Squarelovin’s filter tracker, Plann’s analytics will reveal which color schemes your audience likes best. You can even compare your most effective color schemes against your competitors via Plann’s “Sneaky Peek” feature. What a time to be alive!

Image via Plann.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for Instagrammers looking to roll up their sleeves and dig into the data behind their photos and videos. Experiment and find the analytics tool that works best for you!

Save time managing your Instagram presence with Hootsuite: Share photos and videos, schedule posts ahead of time, and monitor your efforts using our comprehensive suite of social media analytics tools. Try it free today.

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